Borderless, Stateless (2023)
Themed Commission: Borderless, Stateless; Trinity Square Video, Toronto, Canada
02 August – 02 September 2023

Featuring works by Francisca Jimenez Ortegate, Kasra Goodarznezhad, Lawrence Bird and Tangent Collective (Yantong Li, Beichen Zhang and Shengxu Jin)
Curated by Christina Oyawale and Karina Iskandrsjah

“Borderless, Stateless” presents new works by international and local artists Francisca Jimenez Ortegate, Kasra Goodarznezhad, Lawrence Bird, and Tangent Collective, which were produced during the 2023 Themed Commission – Trinity Square Video’s annual summer artist residency.

The theme of “Borderless, Stateless” invites projects that explore and critique the concept of borders, both metaphorically and methodologically, as well as in relation to geopolitics, nationhood, and movement.

In accordance to the sprawling potential afforded by the curated perimeters of the theme, the works in the exhibition acknowledge a myriad of topics and perspectives, including; the complexities, inter-connections and hidden narratives of different Chinese diasporas; the observation of earth’s polarizing temperatures and geological extremities as a way to prepare for climate crisis; as well as critiques on destructive political regimes and global economic systems through acts of mapping and situationist theory tactics. The exhibition focuses on the numerous effects settler nations have (and continue to) extract resources and harm working-class communities. Each artist examines the effects of geopolitical borders – visible and invisible – societal impacts from ecological and anti-capitalistic perspectives that bring about the imbalances that benefit the ruling class.

Generously supported by the EQ Bank

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